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As you drive your new vehicle off the car dealer’s lot, you enjoy the fresh smell and the showroom condition. One of your priorities may be to keep your new vehicle in this condition for as long as possible.

You will help preserve this condition by washing and waxing every week. You may even be sure to vacuum it every week, focusing on reaching every nook and cranny in the car or truck. To continue to ensure your vehicle stays in mint condition, you may even refuse to allow anyone (including your own children) to eat in the car.

All of this sounds great until you have to practice it for years. Eventually, this fantastic plan becomes infeasible to sustain. As you drive on the highway, debris can hit your new car and cause chips in the windshield or finish.

Even if you only touch your leather seats, you will unintentionally dull the luster of your car’s interior. It is also possible that someone will eventually spill something onto the interior of your vehicle.

With PermaPlate protection, you can protect your investment. You can rest your worries, knowing that your vehicle will be protected and continue with its showroom shine.

Types of PermaPlate Protection

PermaPlate offers a variety of vehicle interior and exterior protection products for your new vehicle. These products were created to keep your new auto looking excellent while maintaining the car’s current value.

If you own a vehicle, you know that interior and exterior accidents can happen at any time on any day. Scuffs, fingerprints, dents, glass cracks, stains, and spills can all be covered under PermaPlate. Some of PermaPlate’s most popular products include Paintguard, Fiberguard, Windshield Protections, and Leatherguard.


This formula was exclusively created to bond and seal with your vehicle’s paint surface. This bond creates a durable, uninterrupted finish that guards your vehicle against oxidation and fading. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s paint job. With the innovative research conducted by PermaPlate, this product can protect your car from the sun’s most potent weapon.


It is almost impossible to avoid spills, mishaps, and splatters. You can intervene before these minor issues become major problems with your vehicle’s interior. PermaPlate’s Fiberguard was created to coat every fiber of your vehicle’s fabric upholstery and carpet.

This product works by sealing out oil and water-based stains by coating the individual fibers. This coating allows the fibers to breathe while protecting the original color, scent, and texture of the fabric. The air pockets between the fibers hold the spill, making it easy to clean up.


Three nemeses of your vehicle’s leather interior include the sun, punishing dryness, and extreme temperatures. To save your leather, you can use the most potent vinyl and leather protector. This product was created to provide ultraviolet sunscreen and protective conditioner to combat fading, drying, and discoloration.

PermaPlate Windshield Protection Product Information

Our primary focus at Discount Autoglass is PermaPlate’s most popular product, Windshield Protection Treatment. This treatment is designed using a unique molecular coupling agent. This agent chemically bonds to your vehicle’s windshield.

With this bond, the product fuses at the molecular level, which allows it to create a hydrophobic and protective coating. The coating is formed by capping the pores and surface ridges of the natural glass. In order to produce this bond, it must utilize the latest in Nanochemistry.

Nanochemistry strengthens and improves your windshield’s glass by chemically fusing the glass and product using a strong covalent bond. This process makes it one of the strongest and active of all of PermaPlate’s products.

With this covalent bond, PermaPlate provides unprecedented protection for your vehicle’s glass. The protective coating created from Nanotechnology also provides an improvement in rain vision and night glare. It also strengthens and enhances the overall appearance of the vehicle’s glass.

You not only get this fantastic bonding feature, but you will also receive various other benefits:

  • Stress-free bug removal
  • Chips and cracks in the windshield repaired
  • Night glare reduction
  • Non-repairable damage fixed with windshield replacement
  • Acid rain and water spot protection
  • Rain vision increases
  • Strength at the molecular level
  • Ice, snow, and water repellant
  • Automotive glass clarity improved

What PermaPlate Windshield Protection Does

Over 15,000,000 windshields must be repaired or replaced every year in the United States. Stone chips are caused by debris or stones hitting your windshield. These chips can grow over time, requiring you to replace your windshield.

When a circular item hits your windshield, it sometimes creates a cone in the glass’s outer part. When this happens, experts typically refer to the damaged area as a bull’s eye. This type of damage is another reason a windshield must be replaced or repaired.

Cracks, stars, half-moon, and combination issues are some other reasons you may have to repair or replace your windshield. A crack includes an impact point that grows longer. The star issue is a short radial crack consisting of a branching from the impact point resembling a star.

The half-moon damage is similar to the bull’s eye; however, the damage is not entirely circular. All of these issues lead to replacing or repairing your windshield, but with PermaPlate’s windshield protection, the cost is covered.

This statement is true because PermaPlate guarantees its products. If your windshield suffers from any of the above, PermaPlate will cover the cost of replacing or repairing the windshield. You will not incur any out of pocket expenses. What do you have to lose?

PermaPlate is the only insurance for windshields that offer multiple repairs with no deductible and multiply replacements with no deductible. You also are provided rate protection and the application of the windshield protection product.

PermaPlate’s windshield protection product must be professionally applied to your vehicle’s windshield. The chemical bonding forms a strong, uniform surface that repels chips and other damage while enhancing visibility.

If you are interested in this fantastic product, call Discount Autoglass today to schedule an appointment or visit PermaPlate’s website for more information.

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