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Thousands of vehicles suffer from a chip in the windshield every year. These chips happen most of the time when a small rock or other road debris hits the windshield. The trash nicks the glass and creates a tiny damaged spot on the windshield. This nick is so tiny; sometimes, it cannot be seen with the naked eye.

The debris can come from car tires throwing the debris into your windshield, or sometimes the small rocks or other debris come from dump trucks or other semis. Most chips are small and hardly noticeable.

However, when the chip occurs, you can typically hear a loud popping sound when the debris impacts the windshield. Sometimes a small rock or piece of debris can hit your windshield or window in the right spot and cause the window or windshield to crack.

Most people will ignore this issue because the damage is so insignificant. However, it would be best if you always allowed a windshield chip repair specialist to inspect the damage. Our experts are trained to recognize even the smallest damage before it turns into an entire windshield replacement job.

Chip Repair Should Be Done Promptly

Even if the nick or other damage seems to be minor, you should still repair the chip as soon as possible. The repair becomes less effective as more and more dirt, grime, and debris enter the area. When you are using your windshield wipers, you are forcing dirt in the chip.

The dye from your windshield washer fluid can also discolor the chip area. The longer you wait to fix a chip, the less the repair will be smooth and clean. The area around the chip may appear to have a cloudy or dirty look. This look comes from the laminate sealing in the dirt and grime.

The completed windshield chip repair process will be very smooth and clear. However, to achieve this excellent windshield repair, you must have the chip repaired within a few days after the damage happens.

The look is not the only thing affected when you do not immediately repair a chip or nick. Sometimes, a chip or nick can burst to cause a pattern of tiny cracks. These tiny cracks will eventually turn into one long crack across your windshield.

Chip Repair Process

The chip repair process is relatively quick and straightforward. The first step is the technician will examine the windshield and chip. He or she will determine if this type of repair is the best for your situation. The size and type of chip and the amount of debris will help the technician decide.

The next step will include general cleaning of the area surrounding the chip as well as the chip area. The technician wants to prevent moisture and debris from becoming trapped in the repair. Once the expert is satisfied with the cleaning results, he or she will continue to step three.

The final step is to seal the chip with a unique resin material. This material will harden by using an ultraviolet light. The technician will apply the resin and then the ultraviolet light to produce a clear windshield. The resin will dry clear and should blend with the windshield glass.

Actions to Take When a Chip Occurs

At Discount Autoglass, we know that it can take time to schedule an appointment, especially if you live a busy life. The best course of action is to have the chip repaired immediately. However, most individuals must make time before having windshield repair done.

If this is the case, you can take a few simple steps to ensure a quality repair can be done while preventing the chip from becoming a long crack. The first thing is to cover the chip with packing tape. The tape will help keep dirt and grime out of the chip.

If you are going to use packing tape, be sure only to use the clear type. Next, you should not wash your car until you can have the chip repaired. It is also vital to avoid super hot or cold water and air because it will speed the cracking process.

Finally, you should be aware of the amount of pressure you are applying from within the vehicle. Automotive glass is sensitive to pressure, which means pressure from inside is more likely to cause a chip to turn into a crack.

When you get a chip in your windshield, you should never add glue or other adhesives to the chip. One internet rumor suggests making a mix of water, bug repellant, and rubbing alcohol to fix the chip yourself.

This rumor is not effective at fixing the issue and can cause a real chip repair to be ineffective. It is also impossible to buff out a chip with scratch repair kits. The depth of the damage is too deep to fix the issue effectively.

Avoiding Windshield Chips

Many experts agree that you can avoid chips by keeping a safe distance from trucks and other vehicles hauling dirt and debris. To avoid the small rocks and other objects flung into the air by tires, it is also wise to observe a proper space cushion behind other automobiles.

At Discount Autoglass, we know that sometimes it is impossible to avoid the damage from flying debris. If you experience a chip from driving, you should put clear packing tape over the chip, which will protect it from dirt and water.

Hail can also cause chips to a windshield, occasionally. You might be able to avoid this issue by paying attention to weather reports. If possible, when bad weather is expected, you should park your vehicle in the garage or under a carport.

Scheduling Professional Chip Repair

If trying to avoid a chip or nick does not work, you should seek a reputable company to repair the issue. At Discount Autoglass, we are fully-licensed and credible with a reputation as a loyal and affordable service provider.

We offer quality service while ensuring safety and offer a free from leaking guarantee. If you need a chip repaired or more information about auto glass repair or replacement, call us today or visit the rest of our website. Be sure to ask about our lifetime warranty.

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