Did you know in some states, insurance companies cannot raise your rates due to filing a glass claim? Glass protection and replacement is usually underwritten in the comprehensive portion of your auto insurance. Many companies will pay the cost of a windshield repair as a part of your policy, with no out of pocket expense for you! We work with all insurance companies and can assist you in filing a claim on your auto insurance. Discount Auto Glass makes the process easy, quick, and convenient. Just give us a call, and one of our representatives will ask you for some basic information in order to set up your glass claim.

What’s a Third Party Administrator?
When we call your insurance company, a third party company will most likely handle the claims process. This company is called a Third Party Administrator, and it is most likely Lynx Services or Safelite Solutions (an affiliate of Safelite Autoglass). Insurance companies have so many glass claims that they outsource the auto glass-only claims to these third parties for faster processing. Although they do have access to basic information, they are not your insurance company, so may be unable to assist you with coverage related questions.

How long will this take?
Usually the claims process takes about 10-15 minutes. If you’re seeking OEM parts for a glass replacement, we need to follow an approvals process that the insurance company has already established. Usually, that process takes 48-72 hours for the insurance company to approve or deny the use of OEM glass and/or parts. Once the insurance claim is set up and your parts are approved, the installation itself will usually not take a very long time. Upon completion, we bill your insurance and you are responsible for paying only your deductible, if applicable.

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