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ADAS Windshield Sensor Calibration

Some individuals do not know about ADAS, which stands for Advanced Driver Assistance System. This system is a group of various sensors and cameras that work with the vehicle’s computer system. The ADAS helps the driver of the car to park as well as other driving tasks.

Parts of this system can be found in various places on the vehicle, including the windshield, front and rear bumpers, and side mirrors. If your car comes equipped with Automatic Emergency Brake, Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Detection, Forward and Rear Collision Warning, Parking Assist, and a variety of other functions, ADAS helps each of these functions to operate correctly.

The ADAS detects hazardous situations and then takes one of two actions. The first action may be to warn the driver. However, it makes take precautions immediately to avoid a collision. When you replace a windshield, the ADAS requires recalibration.

Without this recalibration, the system may not operate properly, which will compromise the safety of the vehicle. Since ADAS may not be as widely known as Anti-Locking Brakes, many people will have various questions. These questions may include the following.

Why is ADAS calibration necessary?

ADAS technology is extremely sensitive to changes in road conditions as well as changes in the windshield glass in your vehicle. Every time the windshield is replaced, these systems of cameras and sensors must be calibrated to adjust for the changes.

When calibrating this system, it is time-consuming and requires precise measurements. The realignment requires the vehicle to be connected to a specialized computer. This process is typically covered in your car window replacement insurance, if you choose to process a claim with your company.

You may think that calibration is not required; however, almost all vehicle manufacturers require the camera connected to the vehicle’s windshield to be recalibrated for safety purposes. At Discount Autoglass, we want to ensure the camera and the advanced safety systems in your car continue to work correctly.

With this fact in mind, we generally schedule enough time in your windshield replacement appointment to complete the calibration and replacement. Our technicians are high-qualified and trained in ADAS calibration to ensure safety while your vehicle is on the road.

When is ADAS calibration necessary?

A wide variety of situations can throw an ADAS out of alignment, requiring a calibration. One reason can be standard services, including windshield or bumper replacement. When you replace a windshield or a bumper, it is a good idea to check the alignment of your ADAS.

If you have an accident, the ADAS can also be thrown into misalignment. Most body repairs in sensor areas of the car will generally also require a recalibration of the ADAS. Calibration will also be necessary if you paint or replace a variety of parts on the vehicle.

An example is when you have to replace the air conditioning compressor. On some vehicles, the bumper must be removed to reach the compressor. Most bumpers contain a sensor used in the ADAS of the car.

At Discount Autoglass, we know it is vital to check the calibration after any services which interfere with the sensors or cameras associated with the ADAS of your vehicle.

What are some examples of ADAS?

A variety of different areas of your vehicle contain components of the vehicle’s ADAS. In general, the ADAS creates a circular safety net around your car, truck, or other vehicles to reduce the chances of a collision.

These safety systems work together to enhance the safety of your vehicle. These systems include blind-spot detection, which is a vehicle-based sensor. This sensor will detect other vehicles in your blind spot and then give you a proximity warning to help you avoid issues.

Another component is the adaptive cruise control, which will automatically adjust the speed of your vehicle. This adjustment helps to maintain a safe distance from any cars ahead of your automobile. These two systems work with around view monitoring, rear collision warning, night vision system, and lane departure warning to help protect you and your passengers.

What are the types of windshield camera recalibration?

When you must have a windshield replacement, we focus on two main types of windshield recalibration, which are dynamic and static recalibration. Both of these types of recalibration deal with windshield cameras.

Dynamic recalibration requires our technician to drive your vehicle at a pre-set speed. The vehicle should be operated on a well-marked road to calibrate the camera correctly. This process takes about one hour to complete. However, it can take more or less depending on the model of the vehicle.

Static recalibration involves a particular target image placed on a fixture. This fixture is typically located in the front of the vehicle during the process of recalibrating. This type of recalibration also usually takes about an hour but can vary depending on the make and model of the automobile.

How is recalibration completed?

One of the two above types of recalibration is used for most vehicles. Every service provider will have their own proprietary software and tools. Most of the time, this calibration must be completed at a dealership.

However, at Discount Autoglass, we have purchased our own tools to do the job correctly. We utilize the Autel MaxiSys tools to complete all of our calibrations. These tools are made by a leading manufacturer of professional diagnostic tools for automobiles.

Using these popular tools, we are giving you the industry-leading technology for ADAS systems. We will ensure the job is completed with great care while using the highest standards of safety and customer satisfaction.

Scheduling your ADAS calibration appointment

The typical Portland automobile window installer does not have the capabilities to perform an Advanced Driver Assistance system calibration. As one of the leading car window replacement in Portland, we pride ourselves on being the best.

We are fully equipped with all of the required proper tools to service your ADAS. All of our technicians are highly qualified and trained to use the various tools necessary for the ADAS calibration job. With years of experience and high standards, you can rest assured when we calibrate your vehicle’s ADAS. Call today to schedule an appointment or an estimate.

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