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What is calibration?

Your windshield is equipped with an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). An ADAS system is a camera or radar (or both in combination) that helps to keep your vehicle in the driving lane, perform emergency stopping, automatically adjust your cruise control to adapt to changing traffic patterns, and a multitude of other safety features. In the United States, new vehicles are required to be equipped with some ADAS features, and the next generation of technology will use wireless networks to enhance car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication and data sharing.

Why is this important?

The ADAS technology used in your vehicle is very sensitive to changes in road conditions and the windshield glass in your vehicle. These systems must be calibrated to account for the changes that the camera detects when the glass is replaced. The process can be very time consuming and requires precise measurements and realignment while the vehicle is connected to a specialized computer. Auto insurers do take this procedure into account, and the cost of calibration is typically covered as part of your windshield replacement claim. Although you are not required to file an insurance claim and may still opt for an out of pocket windshield replacement expense, the cost of calibration is usually $250 or more. When coupled with the specialized glass that must be used, many replacements can range from $600 – $1,400!

How is calibration done?

Vehicle dealerships typically have their own proprietary software and tools that they use to calibrate the ADAS system once a replacement windshield has been installed. Some independent glass shops have purchased their own tools to get the job done. Autel MaxiSys, Opti-Aim and Bosch are the leaders in current non-dealer calibration technology. We use the Autel MaxiSys tool in all of our calibrations. Autel is one of the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of professional automotive diagnostic tools. With their industry-leading technical software and support, you can rest assured that each calibration will be done with great care and to the highest standards.

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